Why Choose a Destination Wedding

Wedding in the Catskills
Farm Wedding in the Catskills

Natural Gardens is the perfect location to have your dream Catskill Barn Wedding, family or business party!

Farm Wedding in the Catskills

A Large Guest List

When planning a destination wedding, your guest list needs to be reasonable. Only your family and close friends will be up to the expenditure and time commitment of traveling to see you get married. Breathe a sigh of relief: you are off the hook from inviting all of your coworkers, your 11th grade English teacher, all of your parents’ friends, and your eccentric second cousin Sal. This reduction in the guest list will translate directly to a smaller, more streamlined wedding budget. Who doesn’t love that?!

Early Wake Up Call

When you’re already in paradise, there won’t be a need to wake up before dawn in order to catch a flight or make your cruise boarding deadline. Most people who choose to tie the knot in a destination wedding have their travel time massively reduced (sometimes to nothing!). So, after you’ve said “I do” to your spouse, throw the alarm clock out and sleep in the next day.

Day of Transportation

When you’re getting married at the same venue where you’re having your rehearsal dinner, reception and other events, the need for day of transportation becomes much easier. Destination weddings are planned out with hotels and shuttle services, so the biggest worry you’ll have getting your guests to your wedding location is choosing the time!

Unexpected Guests Showing Up

When you have your wedding and reception in your hometown, the likelihood of people showing up who weren’t invited or didn’t RSVP is very high, especially if your wedding has been discussed with many people. When you choose a destination wedding venue, you are getting married hundreds of miles from home, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have anyone casually stop by for the free buffet. Plus, with an intimate guest list, uninvited guests will be spotted very easily.

Being Exhausted for Your Wedding

When you’re at home in the days leading up to your wedding, you’re most likely going to be stressing about your programs, your honeymoon airline transfers, the comfort of your wedding shoes, and the final seating arrangement for the reception. All of this stress can lead to a bride and groom who are exhausted and thoroughly sick of their wedding by the time they arrive for the ceremony. With a wedding that’s out of town, you’ll be able to put these worries out of your mind since you’re basically on vacation from the moment you arrive at your chosen destination wedding venue.

Worrying about Mundane Tasks

Your wedding happens once in a lifetime, so don’t waste your energy worrying about doing the dishes, getting another load of laundry washed, or vacuuming. When you’re at your house directly before the wedding, it’s easy to busy yourself doing these day-to-day tasks, but that’s not really the point of your big day! You should revel in the moments leading up to your nuptials, and the distance created by a destination wedding allows just that. Instead of cleaning out your refrigerator or balancing your checkbook, you’ll have all of your needs taken care of by the capable staff at your chosen destination wedding venue.

Stressing about Every Wedding

With a traditional wedding, the bride and groom tend to shoulder the responsibility of organizing all of the wedding details. Even with a wedding planner, you will likely end up with lists of things to accomplish before your big day. When you have a destination wedding, however, you’ve got the luxury of selecting a package from your venue where everything is already decided for you.

Being the Typical Bride

Since you’re skipping the usual hometown-church-and-reception-hall routine, your wedding is sure to stand out among your friends and family. It would be hard to forget attending a ceremony in the woods followed by an open air reception in a beautiful pavilion! You’re unique, so don’t let the traditional wedding put you into a box that most other brides are in.

Wedding in the Catskills!

Country Wedding in the Catskills
Wedding in the Catskills

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Barn Wedding in the Catskills


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