Destination Barn Wedding Cost

We are often asked, what does a wedding cost? Well, that can be a difficult question to answer because depending on what your desires are, the costs can vary greatly. The average wedding total today is between $25-$30,000. However, below are some guidelines that can assist you through your planning process.

Percentage Costs of a Wedding

  • 60% for your venue and catering
  • 5% florist
  • 5% for your attire
  • 12% for a band or 6% for a DJ
  • 10% for the photographer
  • 3% for decorations and favors
  • 5% for miscellaneous which would include tips for staff, shuttle service, etc.


An example: If your total budget is $20,000 you would plan accordingly with these estimated numbers.

  • $12,000 Venue & Catering
  • $1,000 Florist
  • $1,000 Attire
  • $2,400 Band – $1,200 DJ
  • $2,000 Photographer
  • $600 Favors
  • $1,000 Miscellaneous


As you meet with vendors and get exact costs you will clearly see how each vendor fits into your budget. In most cases, wedding budgets have to be increased. If that is not possible, then reducing the number of guests or deleting services to keep the cost within original budget will be your course of action. Always keep in mind that you most likely will spend an additional 5%-8% of your total budget by the time your wedding day arrives.

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