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When it comes to wedding preparations, a lot of brides choose to forgo hiring a professional makeup artist for their wedding, as they see it as an added expense that they could do without. It could however, be one of the best investments a bride could make for her wedding day. Hiring a professional isn’t for everyone, there are certain types of brides that it could be most beneficial for.

If you’re the type of bride who gets riddled with nerves easily or has little experience with makeup applications, hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding would not only make your wedding day less stressful, but sitting in a chair and getting pampered helps you totally relax so that you can focus on walking down the aisle, and finally be married to the one you love!

Five important factors are:

  • Examine makeup techniques – Your skills or a friend’s skills may be passable for an everyday makeup application or even a date, but a professional makeup artist comes armed with skills to ensure your makeup for your wedding will stay intact and fresh looking throughout the day and into the night.
  • Do a trial run – Some women may choose to go to a makeup counter for their bridal makeup because its cheaper, or may choose to have a friend do their makeup for their wedding day because its free. 
  • Choose someone you click with and whose work you love – Above all else, the two most important things to remember when interested in hiring a makeup artist is to make sure you view their work in-depth, and to make sure you get along with them on a personal level.
  • When you find the right one, BOOK THEM! – When you find a professional whose work you not only love, but can also get along with on a personal level, it is vital for you to book them as soon as possible!
  • Budget for the investment – The number one reason for not hiring a professional makeup artist is because “It is too expensive.” While it can be expensive, many people tend to forget the amount of money, time, and energy we put into our kits, our work, and education in order to do our job effectively and efficiently.
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