The Woodlands

The Woodlands at your Wedding in the Catskills
Wedding in the Catskills

Natural Gardens is the perfect location to have your dream Catskill Barn Wedding, family or business party!

The Woodlands at Natural Gardens is a low-density forest forming open habitats with Rays of sunlight and shade. Our Woodlands support an understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants. Higher density areas of trees at Natural Gardens have a largely closed canopy and provides extensive and nearly continuous shade. Our woodland is a habitat where trees are the dominant plant form.

However, our woodlands are not just trees!

Depending on the amount of light reaching the ground through the tree canopy, there is be a great variety of other life. The plants include mosses, ferns and lichens, as well as small flowering herbs, grasses and shrubs. With the different kinds of plants present, animal diversity is widespread in the woodlands. This ranges from a variety of herbivores, (Deer,birds,porcupine,groundhog,squirrel,chipmunks), feeding on the different plants, to the carnivores, (Fox,raccoon,coyote,fisher,mink), which they provide food for. Plenty of rotting wood and decaying leaf litter offer an alternative food source for a staggering variety of invertebrates. The sheer quantity of dead organic material present means that a wealth of decomposing organisms, such as fungi and bacteria also occur in the woods.

Our Woodlands are Environmentally Balanced!

The Woodlands may be used for a ceremony site under the large maples and cherries. The woodlands also provide great opportunities for stunning wedding photos. Walking & hiking trails are also available you and your guests.

Barn Wedding in the Catskills

Wedding in the Catskills!

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