The Hops Yard

The Hops Yard for your Wedding in the Catskills
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Natural Gardens is the perfect location to have your dream Catskill Barn Wedding, family or business party!

Catskills Wedding!

The female flower of the hop vine Humulus lupulus provides beer its characteristic bitterness, flavor, and aroma. Brewers have also exploited its natural preservative qualities for years. The hop is a hardy, perennial plant that is easily grown at home, provided sufficient sun and climbing space are available. The hop produces annual vines from a permanent root stock known as the crown. Vines can grow 25 ft high in a single season but will die to the crown each fall. The crown also produces the underground stem or rhizome. The root-like rhizomes sprout numerous buds, which are the key to propagation.

Our Hops Yard provides a scenic view of the valley and ponds and is perfect as a ceremony site. The gentle slope of the hill also provides an amphitheater effect as each row of chairs is slightly higher than the row directly in front of them. The hops vines also provide great wedding photos as the vines create an umbrella affect as they climb the strings. In late August the hops flowers are ready to harvest and the aroma of the fresh flowers fills the air. We have had weddings that have used some of our hop vines in their decorations and flower arrangements.

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