Reducing Total Wedding Cost

Wedding Costs and How to Reduce Them!
Wedding Costs

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Weddings are expensive

There is no way around it but there are choices you can make to reduce the overall cost. We have compiled a list of several ways you can reduce your overall costs for your wedding.

  • Size of your guest list – For our example we will use the average U.S. wedding cost. The average wedding cost per person in the United States is over $200! This includes all expenses you incur, a few being; invitations, dresses, venue, planner or coordinator, make-up, florist, photographer, DJ, dinners, alcohol and any other extra frills you in vision for your wedding. So, if you have a guest list of 200, expect your wedding to be in the $40,000 range! It is nice to want all your family and friends to attend but you must be reasonable, you may just not be able to afford it. Reducing your guests could reduce your cost by thousands.


  • When you schedule your wedding – Most venues offer discounts for weekday and off season weddings. Other vendors also offer off-peak season rates. Scheduling an off-peak season or weekday wedding can save you thousands of dollars.


  • Utilize local Vendors – Hiring local vendors can save money because travel and over-nite accommodation costs for these vendors are eliminated. You will also be promoting the local economy!


  • Buy vs Rent – Many items and props you will use at your wedding are available as rental items. This provides an easy and carefree way of utilizing these items. An example would be the table cloths. The rental company will deliver them. They will be pressed and ready to go. They will then pick them up when your wedding is over. No work for you at all! However, this comes at a price. You can purchase many of these items at a much lower cost and you can again save thousands of dollars. The negative is that you must either ask friends and family to prepare and set-up these items. You will also have to remove them and then what happens to all this stuff?


  • Choose flowers that are in season – Purchasing exotic flowers can increase your costs dramatically. Try to use flowers that are lower in cost because they are readily available and in season. Here at Natural Gardens, we allow you to utilize the flowers and plants found growing here on-site.


  • Do certain things yourself – Shawn McMurray, CEO and Founder of The Wedding Report, said that while prices on many of the custom items you’ll buy, like a gown and veil, are on the rise, “things that can be easily commoditized,” like invitations and linens, “I’ve seen them come down.” Sites like, and our store The Natural Gardens Wedding Store offer items that you can use instead of renting decorations and props.


  • You can skip the elaborate catering hall – These halls can cost $20,000 and more! That does not mean you have to rent a local firehouse or American Legion Hall. A good venue will be priced right for all the amenities you desire and should not have amenities that you must pay for that you do not need and will not use.


  • Keep the food casual – If you have the money and can afford a plated reception dinner for $125/person or more, go for it. However, most weddings cannot and have no interest in a formal plated dinner. There is nothing wrong with a buffet/family style dinner or having a barbecue or maybe a Food Truck. All will reduce your food bill by thousands of dollars over a plated or a high end food dinner menu.


  • Pass on the large, elaborate Wedding Cake – Have a small wedding cake for the bridal party and offer a collection of cakes, pies and cookies for your guests.


  • Focus on yourself – Remember, it is all about you. Do not spend money on things only to make your guests happy. If something is important, by all means have it but keep it to a minimum.
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