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The Farm at your Wedding in the Catskills
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Natural Gardens is the perfect location to have your dream Catskill Barn Wedding, family or business party!

Wedding in the Catskills

Natural Gardens

Consists of more than 80 acres of tillable land, open pasture, woodlands, streams, ponds and rolling hillsides. On that land, nutrient-dense vegetables and healthy animals thrive in an ecologically sound and sustainable food system. Surrounding that is 30+ acres of forest, which is actively managed for syrup, timber, firewood and wildlife habitat.

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We are also a teaching farm

In addition to producing great food, we are a teaching farm, dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of everyday food choices. By opening up our operation to the public, providing learning opportunities and showcasing our farm and food through agriculturally minded recipes, we hope to reawaken humanity’s connection to the earth and inspire us all to be better stewards of our bodies and the planet.

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Natural Gardens fosters community involvement

Finally, the Natural Gardens fosters community involvement and nurtures partnerships with other businesses and individuals. Whether your beliefs are secular or religious, we believe living close to the land, understanding the rhythm of nature, taking the time to be still, standing in awe and practicing gratitude help us gain insight into our place within the universe. We seek to be that place for all who are hungry to live, work, learn, explore, eat, sing, dance or just be.

Wedding in the Catskills!

We look forward to making your Wedding in the Catskills everything you’ve imagined, and more.
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Natural Gardens

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