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Natural Gardens is the perfect location to have your dream Catskills Barn Wedding, family or business party!

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Commenting here and on other sites has its list of unwritten rules. Most online blog members discover these universal do’s and don’ts after a few months of participation in some blogs. Some of them are common sense, while others aren’t so apparent, especially to newbies:


  • Only post links to your own stuff in signature lines or posts inviting you to do so.
  • Practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks.
  • Try to post something that adds value to a conversation (“me, too” doesn’t add value).
  • Stay on topic.
  • Ignore trolls.
  • Be brief and don’t turn every comment into your own
  • All caps means that you’re yelling.
  • personal blog post.
  • To avoid redundancy, read previous comments before posting your own.
  • It’s not all about you so avoid making every comment a testimony as to how awesome you are.
  • You’re a guest, so keep this in mind when commenting.


The beautiful thing about commenting etiquette is that most people have proper etiquette naturally, which makes our job a lot easier. In the real world, most rules of etiquette are embedded in memories, and people follow them simply because they’re the right thing to do.

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